About Us

Established in 1983, by owner Ronald L. Lesher, Lesher’s Professional Video Productions has serviced such areas as: Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, Berks, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties, as well as other extended areas. At the beginning of his career, Ron received a four year degree at the Electronic Training Center, now known as Lincoln Technical Institute. In result of his training, Ron gained extensive knowledge of a large variety of electronics, including how they function and their maintenance. Ron has collected over twenty-five years of videography experience working within Lesher’s Video, and other video production businesses. Ron is a perfectionist with his artistry, and will yield at nothing when it comes to providing quality service.

Quality service does not conclude with Ron Lesher, but extends to his employees as well. Each videographer within Lesher’s Professional Video Productions has undergone extensive training and has acquired more than twelve years of experience. Ron recruited family members and lifelong friends with whom he completely trusts to assist him in providing quality services. Lesher’s Professional Video Production is not just a videography business, but a family affair.